Hi! I'm a physics postdoc at the University of Washington/CENPA, where we build precision experimental tests of gravity.

Together with graduate student Erik Shaw and the Eöt-Wash Group, we're building a new test of the Equivalence Principle, the empirical fact that gravity pulls on all things equally, independent of composition.

My thesis experiment was a new test of Newton's gravitational inverse square law at distances shorter than 100 microns. You can find my thesis here, and all of the code to generate that analysis and document from raw data here.

When I am not in the lab, I am often in the mountains.

Course link:

Physics 585, Autumn 2016




Interferometric quasi-autocollimator,  

M.D. Turner, J.H. Gundlach, C.A. Hagedorn, S. Schlamminger, US Patent Application 20120242999 

(published September 27, 2012).

Work Links:

Our research group / Résumé / Nanoradian Instruments

Side Projects:

Photography / AvySticker.com / MeasuredMass.com / Trip Reports


Email: charlie7hagedorn.xyz; converting the 7 to an @.